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Nicaragua is known for producing larger quantities of standard coffees, and microlots are much less common, despite the presence of good quality varieties like Bourbon and Caturra

In the year 2000 Gloria and Hubert started out the farm with 10 manzanas. The farm has expanded to 28 manzanas (circa 20 hectares) twenty years later, but only 12 manzanas are for coffee plantation. They left most of the original forest intact and are growing the coffee under the natural canopy of liquidambar, guava and pine trees. Gloria and Hubert growing Maracaturra, Catuaí, Catimor and Maragogype. When it's raining it is very difficult to access the farm by car as the road will easily be subjected to floods. Many times, during the harvest period, they have to transport the coffee on foot, walking through the forest to a place from where it can be transported further by small trucks to the mill for further processing.

Tasting notes

Pineapple, Sugar Cane, Creamy Body


Nueva Segovia




Gloria Rivas and Hubert Aguilar

Proc. Method



Red Catuai


1400-1700 masl