Santa Maria

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"The champagne of coffee In 2013 the Huila region received Denomination of Origin status- the same status awarded to champagne and Roquefort cheese."

We started off looking for a sweet filter coffee to replace our Costa Rica filter which had loads of red apple and black tea notes. After cupping over 100 different coffees from 10 different countries and 90 different farms over 4 days we stumbled across this delicious Colombia coffee and we knew this was the one we’d pick, it had a notes of watermelon and tropical fruits. When we got the coffee in we chucked it straight in the roaster, we judged the coffee by its beans size, variety, density and country of origin. This gave us an indication of how it might react in the roaster. The first roast was already super nice, heaps of tropical fruits but we wanted to get more of the watermelon characteristic out that we fell in love with on the cupping table. With the second roast, we bumped up that airflow and punched that gas allllll the way up at the start and we hit the nail on the bloody head. When you order this coffee, think of yourself sitting on a tropical island drinking a delicious coffee cocktail with watermelon and pineapple garnish.

Tasting notes

Juicy notes of watermelon, pineapple, tropical fruits and a lingering caramel finish



Washing Station

Santa Maria


7 Smallholder Farms

Proc. Method



Caturra, Bourbon Rosado, Colombia, Typica


1700- 2100 masl