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Chocolate Green Grape Citrus

Originele prijs €11,00 - Originele prijs €168,50
Originele prijs
€11,00 - €168,50
Huidige prijs €11,00


Women's Coffee Extension


Kamonyi, South Province, Rwanda




Red Bourbon


1550-1800 MASL

Brew Advice

In: 19.7g
Out: 42g
Time: 28 seconds

Milky Espresso
In: 20g
Out: 36g
Time: 27 seconds

Coffee In: 17g
Water In: 255g
Time: 2.00-2.30 minutes

About this coffee

About the producer

This coffee originates from a very special division of the Mbizi Washing Station: The Women’s Coffee Extension (WCE). The WCE is an all women coffee cooperative founded in 2017 by Aline Christine and Odette Uwamariya. Aline and Odette founded the WCE to create a space for female specialty coffee producers to have a stronger voice in Rwanda coffee production.

The goal is to empower female farmers, using the production and sale of their own products as a vehicle to create a social change. Many of these women are widows or orphans of the 1994 Rwandan genocide and have needed to provide a living for their families alone. The WCE is proud to offer an array of services, including nutritional programs, agricultural practices, and family planning. These resources have a tremendous impact on the members of the cooperative. But it also encourages younger women looking to produce coffee to become involved.

The WCE also plans to continue to expand programs for the benefit of their members. The latest projects they have provided are life insurances for the farmers and clean water distribution.

Fruity chocolate banger

A beautiful story with a beautiful tasting coffee. This washed red bourbon is bursting with big juicy flavours. Expect sweet white grapes with a mixed citrus acidity and a subtle pear note all layered above a chocolate body.