Ambaru Bulti

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Never settle for acceptable.

On the cupping table we could see its potential, but it was reluctant to let itself shine. It’s first roast was a success we thought, we knew we were close, it was juicy and fruity. However the flavours were not yet clear and outspoken enough for us. We knew it was fine but we wanted to get more out of it. One roast would get rid of its astringency, but also its balance. The next roast would bring back its balance but reduce its clarity. It was stubborn but in the end it paid of. When you taste this coffee you will get defined notes of gooseberry, a crisp raspberry acidity and a rounded milk chocolate finish to bring the outspoken fruitiness to a balanced brew

Tasting notes

Raspberry, Gooseberry, Black Tea, Milk Choc




Ambaru Bulti


Mustefa Abakeno

Proc. Method



74110, 74112, Heirloom


2100 masl