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No one knows for sure exactly when coffee first reached Honduras, perhaps Santa stopped off there on the way to deliver some present and planted some little coffee trees for us to enjoy all these years later.

One day I was sitting behind my little laptop roasting some delicious Sprout style coffees. Then BOOM I get an email with a green bean offer list from Falcon Coffees. I open her up, what’s inside? A special Xmas coffee offer list. I see that most of the coffees are from Honduras, my mind has a spark and I straight away think of the Rein Deer we have on our Honduras logo. PERFECT We got the samples in. Everything fell into place. Faith brought this coffee to us, we are honoured to bring it to you.

Tasting notes

Something different, a heavy bodied, super complex coffee full of surprising Christmas tasting notes. Raisins, dried fig, wine gums and dark cacoa.




Monte de la Virgen


Pedro Joel Fiallos

Proc. Method

Macerated Natural




1450 masl