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Gasharu Box

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Valentin Kimenyi




Anaerobic Experiment




1610-2100 MASL

Two coffees from the same producer, roasted in two different styles.

After our friend Zjevaun at Ripsnorter and we at Sprout had bought Valentins coffee. We finally got a chance to meet the legend himself last year. We absolutely love his coffees every time we get it in stock and so do our customers. Talking with Zjevaun about this legend we decided to team up and honour this mans hard work and talent in creating such delicious coffees. I was lucky enough to visit Valentin in his hometown on my last trip to origin in Rwanda where he got to taste the final product that he produced. This I find super special and makes us very proud to release this super special box. From origin into your home. Enjoy

Rwanda Intengo

Intego (Resolution) experimental coffee is the result of the curiosity to explore new methods of fermenting naturals at Gasharu coffee. The final recipe of this coffee was selected after a series of trials in which they have slowly refined the process that finally resulted in this flavour profile. They've named it “Resolution” to celebrate the team's dedication and effort. This coffee is beyond a simple cup of coffee because of the intentionally created fermentation medium that gives it a strong body and clear taste. Once cherries are delivered, the workers at the washing station sort and float them in a tank to ensure consistent and good density beans are separated from the others. Then they are put in another tank where they undergo a 60-hours anaerobic fermentation period after which they dry on raised African beds for about 25 to 30 days. The coffee ends up being a fruit bomb with jammy sweetness and having a full body.

Gasharu Ireme

Ireme (Authentic) experiment Coffee is inspired by the emotional connection of our family to the coffee community as a whole. Coffee farming, processing, and distribution for consumption have been kept in silos and our family believes that this can change. The idea of this coffee is to provide the most authentic coffee cup of Rwandan coffee to coffee lovers, which makes the consumer think of the producer as the producer also keeps the consumer in mind when processing the coffee. Gasharu coffee team takes great care to monitor and enhance the fermentation process and duration to achieve the desired complexity and depth that may provide a memorable experience to coffee lovers. At Gasharu coffee we believe, a cup of authentic coffee can truly connect communities. As a coffee farming family and member of a coffee farming community, our hope is that Ireme (Authentic) Gasharu Coffee will convey our motivation to connect with the consumers and their communities and build meaningful and sustainable relationships between both communities.