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Bergamot, Peach, Milk Chocolate

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Buno Coffee


Odo Shakiso,
Guji, Ethiopia


Anaerobic Natural




1600-2300 MASL

Brew Advice

In: 19.7g
Out: 42g
Time: 28 Seconds

Milky Espresso
In: 20g
Out: 36g
Time: 27

Coffee In: 17g
Water In: 255g
Time: 2.30-3.00 minutes

About this Coffee

Buno Coffee is a relatively small exporter who manages several washing stations located in the area of Guji in Ethiopia’s southern region. Very high terroir at well over 2000 MASL and an abundance of relatively young, healthy trees whose maturation is gradual, this ensures ideal conditions for producing outstanding cup qualities. Producers in the area grow their coffee around the lush forests on the hills and village outskirts under the shade of indigenous trees like Cordia Africana, Acacia and Albizzia.

Buno was established in 2018 and is managed by Mr. Abiyot who oversees the selection of partner farmers, the processing of cherry and the drying practices. Buno is focused on working with farmers with between 8-15 hectares of land which makes quality improvements easier to manage and ensures that produced volumes of cherry can be separated into single producer micro-lots. To ensure that farmers wait to pick only fully ripened cherries, Buno pays farmers a premium of one birr for every kilo delivered after the harvest. Additionally, Buno provides a credit line to farmers during the off-season for harvest related expenses. Besides the premium and credit line, Buno General also provides community service, like school and road construction services to the local producing farmers by entirely covering the construction costs and also participating in the construction processes.

Amped up Ethiopia banger

This Anaerobic Natural Ethiopia has all the classic flavours you love from an Ethiopia coffee, but all amped up due to the processing. Expect a full floral bouquet of jasmine and bergamot, peach fruitiness and a milk chocolate body.