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La Luisa #2

Cola, Mango, Shortbread Biscuit

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Pablo Vélez




Carbonic Macerated
Mango Juice
Infused Honey


Red Caturra



Brew Advice

Coffee In: 17g
Water In: 255g
Time: 2.30-3.00 minutes

About the Process

Located between 1600 and 1800 MASL, the interest of Finca La Luisa is to produce and process high quality coffee. Whether they are washed, natural or coffees with new fermentation techniques. 4 years ago the owner Juan Pablo Vélez started a project to carry out carbonic maceration in stainless steel tanks with co2 injection. From that experience about 2 years ago they developed a method to ferment coffee with fruit juice. This allowed the farm to create very defined and consistent profiles. As well as expanding the offer of flavors. These processes are called fruit honey process. Because of the long fermentation process you will find very complex aromas in the cup

Ripe coffee cherries are introduced to the tank and CO2 is flushed to create an environment without presence of oxygen (anoxic). The cherries are fermented in this environment for 5 days (120 hours.)

The cherries are then removed and de-pulped but the leached liquor from the fermentation is preserved. The pulped coffee is then fermented a second time with a leached liquor from the first fermentation as well as fresh mango juice. This second fermentation takes 3 days.

Finally the coffee is dried on raised beds as a honey process until the optimum moisture content has been reached.

Mangos are in full season!

We chose this particular infused coffee for its more subtle take on enhancing a specific flavour through fruit fermentation.

Experience tropical Cola with subtle Mango notes and a shortbread biscuit body.