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The Bar x Sprout @ FIFTH

The Bar x Sprout @ FIFTH

If there is one common thing between our bartending friends over at The Bar and us - it is the need for great coffee and delicious drinks. I fuel their morning starts with a good cuppa, they fuel my after-work need for a drink. From this an idea sprouted. 

It started with our friend Matin over at The Bar, who composed a coffee liquor from our Decio beans to use in their cocktails. Think of Espresso Martinis and White Russians, or their own signature cocktail Caffoeira that uses our coldbrew as well.
With the holidays over the horizon, we made the decision to collaborate and bottle this liquor for you to enjoy at home. Make a Sprout Martini with our coffee beans and liquor, or just enjoy the liquor by itself with good company.
A 500ml bottle of “Licor de Decio” at 24% ABV costs €19,50 and can be ordered at The Bar here. It is made with vodka infused with our Decio espresso beans in a sous vide and then lengthened with simple syrup to create the right sweetness and strength for this liquor.

~ Cheers!

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