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Quality control

Quality control

What is quality and how do we control it?

Quality to me is getting to the highest standard we are able to and control is…well keeping it there.

How do I achieve this to the best of my ability in the roastery?
This is where hard work comes into play.

I use all the tools available to me to and create certain parameters I HAVE to stick to. 

I use a TDS meter when I’m creating a new profile for a coffee. Always weighing the coffee after every roast to calculate weight loss is the easiest way to check bean development. If one roast has 1% more or less weight loss than the reference than it doesn’t go out.
The software allows me to check development time ratios, end temp, time spent in roaster etc….they all need to be spot on.
I have a tight cleaning schedule (sometimes I feel I’m cleaning more than actually roasting).
I spend time sorting through the beans of every batch to remove any visible defects.

Most importantly however is slurping! Every batch gets cupped before going out the door to costumers. The most important tool we have is those little delightful fellas we have called taste buds.

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