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When is fresh coffee too fresh?

When is fresh coffee too fresh?

What does the roast date on our packaging really mean? The roast date is the day on which the coffee is roasted. The best time to use coffee is between 1 and 6 weeks. Of course you can use the coffee long after this but the coffee begins to deteriorate after this time frame and will begin tasting more and more boring and take on a life of a flat, beige and bland bean. Kind of like a balloon in a corner a few weeks after a birthday party.

This can also work the other way. Due to the roasting process (degradation and formation of various compounds) gases, largely CO2 are built up in the bean. In the first few days much of that CO2 dissipates. Brewing the coffee too early means these gases will be released into the brew, create small bubbles and cause an uneven extraction (in espresso it will block up your porter filters and not allow water to pass through)

Basically too fresh leaves a greenish taste in the coffee, too old leaves a boring taste in the coffee.
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