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The logo already gives it away... Jimmy Delicious Food & Coffee, it's clear that Jimmy isn't just about what's on the plate.

Jimmy offers many different dishes on the menu, you can enjoy breakfast and lunch, or brunch. All dishes can be ordered throughout the day, from yogurt with homemade granola to the amazing burgers. The little ones are also thought of, for example, they have a monkey sandwich or kids pancakes. 

Besides the food, Jimmy has a great love and passion for coffee. This mainly stems from Jimmy's owner, Robbert Koster. In the past he ran an espresso bar and helped to set up several coffee concepts. A passion that grew from a trip in Australia. Coffee is again of great importance in Jimmy's concept, this time Robbert has asked us to help him with this.

Instead of choosing a coffee from our range, we have gone a step further. Find a coffee together that you can support within the concept of "Jimmy". We take Jimmy's team along in the search for a new coffee +/- twice a year, we do this by having several cuppings and conversations about the purpose of the coffee. The result? A real Jimmy Coffee!

In addition to their own coffee, they have a continuously changing special at their second grinder. This is to surprise the real coffee fan or the discoverer with beautiful beans time after time, don’t forget they also do this with their filter coffee.

In short, with Jimmy as a partner we have a real ambassador in house. They grow with us, and we also learn a lot from their team.

We recommend you visiting Jimmy for a coffee and something delicious from the menu. The concept has recently been expanded with Jimmy Bakery, here they provide all sweets for their own business, but you can also order it for home!

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