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Caixa De Fruta

Almond, Cocoa Nibs, Apple

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Cocatrel Direct Trade


Carmo da Cachoeira







Brew Advice

In: 19.5g
Out: 40g
Time: 29 Seconds

If you’re adding milk:
In: 20g
Out: 35g
Time: 29 seconds

About the process

All the coffee that is part of this blend is dried in static boxes. The coffee remains still and is not turned over during the drying process, hence the name static boxes. These boxes are 1 metre deep with a volumetric capacity of 15000 litres of coffee cherries. This equates to 25-30 bags of green coffee, each weighing 60 kilogrammes. These boxes have a vented grill at the bottom, allowing air to circulate from below upwards through the drying coffee. Two thermometers at different depths ensure that a safe temperature is kept below 40°C. After the coffee is dried, it is left to rest for approximately 1-2 weeks before being milled. This method has allowed the production of more fruity and prominent profiles, in this case a more exciting coffee.

New School daily driver

Expect a full almond & dark choc body with a little touch of red apple acidity. This fruity undertone makes it an exciting daily driver which you will not tire from, whether you like more comfort coffees or more adventurous ones.