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Equilibrium in Water and Coffee

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About this item:

A fundamental educational work to support the coffee shop owner - barista in the jungle of the often unknown element "Water". This Book is a dual language Dutch & Dutch edition.

Ronny is a WQA Master Water Specialist, Authorized SCA Trainer in Brewing and Barista skills, and an experienced competitor in Belgium. Ronny was 3rd in the Belgian Brewers Cup. As a passionate barista and water specialist, Ronny Billemon is invited around the world to give lectures, trainings and studies on the influence of water in the coffee world. It is striking that the general knowledge about the water and its impact on the daily coffee business is a big unknown. This book aims to provide an easier, more accessible and broader picture of the complexity of water and water management. The book should allow you to better understand and evaluate the system of water management that you already have or plan to purchase.

This document also discusses the basic principles of water management systems:

- The how, what, why
- Why yes, why not
- The strengths and weaknesses of water management
- The good, the lesser, the problematic

Why a bilingual book: A standard English version in combination with another language offers the opportunity to bring people from all over the world together to discuss the subject at the same level of understanding.