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Chocolate, Caramel, Lemon Cake

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Ande Peruanos


Jaen, Cajamarca






1800-1900 MASL

Brew Advice

In: 19.5g
Out: 43g
Time: 29 seconds

Milky Espresso
In: 20g
Out: 36g
Time: 28 seconds

About this coffee

As put by the Ande Peruanos association: "The ANDE PERUANOS coffee producers association is a non-profit social enterprise, established in 2020 in Jaén, with coffee farmers from coffee-growing families. They provide agricultural sector-related services that allows its members to improve their economic income and quality of life, as well as to contribute to the sustainability of their coffee cultivation areas and wider environment.

By the end of 2020, the association was composed of 162 members located in the provinces of Jaén, San Ignacio, and Utcubamba. The producers have organic certifications (NOP-USDA, RTPO, and UE) and the UTZ Code of Conduct. During that year, the organisation was able to collect and market 2,500 quintals of parchment coffee. In 2021, through the joint work of its members, executives, and general manager, the organisation reached a total of 181 producers and market 7,025 quintals of certified coffee. By 2022, the organisation had reached a total of 232 members and marketed 10,560 quintals of coffee.

The variation in altitudes in which the production areas are dispersed, ranging from 980 meters to 2169 meters above sea level, makes it possible for coffee ripening to generally begin in March and extend until October, subject to minimal variations due to the climatic peculiarities of each year. This situation allows ANDE PERUANOS to offer its customers coffee of different qualities, ranging from 80 to 86 points in the cup according to SCA criteria.

For 2023, ANDE PERUANOS continues to grow in the number of members, exceeding 260 with an estimated production of over 15,000 quintals of coffee. We continue to work to contribute to compliance with organic and sustainable certifications, the structural functioning of the association to consolidate it as a reference in the associative model. As an organisation, they seek to consolidate strong and lasting relationships with its members, customers, and collaborators based on the shared value of responsibility, honesty, equality, and commitment."

Coffee production is carried out in areas that have been destined for the production of coffee. Production begins with the renovation of coffee plantations and in some cases with the transformation of grazing areas. Crop management practices are environmentally friendly, taking care of soil, water, flora and fauna. In all activities, respect for workers' rights and fair and equitable remuneration prevail.

Ripe cherry is selectively harvested and stored in clean containers. The pulp is removed by mechanical depulpers and deposited in fermentation tanks. Parchment with mucilage is stored in tanks and subjected to a fermentation process that goes from 12 to 24 hours, depending on the altitudes of the production plots, after fermentation the mucilage is removed with clean water. Drying is carried out in solar dryers or on drying tents avoiding at all times the contamination of the beans to external atmospheric factors. This process allows the coffee to be brought to levels of 11% to 12% moisture ready for storage. This process takes 3 to 6 days depending on weather conditions and structures for drying. Dry and wet coffee is stored in polypropylene bags on pallets and avoiding contact with the walls. Specialty coffees are stored in polyethylene bags and polypropylene sacks. The producer is responsible for transporting his product in vehicles that guarantee the cleanliness and integrity of his product until marketing.

Sweet daily driver

This Peru is full of sweet and smooth notes that will definitely satisfy your daily coffee needs. Indulge in its Chocolate & Caramel body with a sweet Lemon Cake undertone.