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Kinto Alfresco Plastic 600mL

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About this item:

ALFRESCO is designed for carefree gatherings in the open air. It has an elegant yet down to earth look that integrates naturally into the landscape. Made of plastic and bamboo fiber, the pieces are durable, stackable, and easy to carry. With just the right thickness, they look distinguished and are comfortable to use.

Make dining in the open air a casual, yet special experience
Made of material that combines bamboo fiber and plastic, ALFRESCO tableware brings warmth and elegance to your outdoor dining scene. The matte texture is soft to touch and the colors integrate naturally into the landscape. The standing outside edges allows you to grip comfortably, and the smooth inside surface allows you to easily scoop food and wash after eating. The pieces are durable, stackable, and easy to carry.

Jug with measurement mark
Marks on the jug indicate 2 cups and 4 cups of dripped coffee.

Brewer and jug
ALFRESCO brewer 4cups fits perfectly on the jug for stable carrying and brewing.

Copolyester | Upper temperature tolerance: 100℃/212℉ | Lower temperature tolerance: -20℃/-4℉Capacity: 735ml | Dishwasher safe | Made in China | BPA Free

Do not use in a microwave. When using a dishwasher, please store products in the upper basket to avoid application of force and weight as they may cause distortions. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Do not place near open flames. Do not use the product with drinks that contain citrus fruits as it may deteriorate due to terpene contained in the fruit's skin. Some products may have thin lines on the surface due to plastic manufacturing process. The marks on the jug are the reference points for 300ml and 600ml.