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Mortimer Amsterdam


Robbert opened the doors of Mortimer in 2018, a great place that can be found on the Nieuwezijds Kolk in Amsterdam. After having worked in some of the world's best Michelin starred restaurants like Gaggan** (Bangkok) and Vinkeles (Amsterdam), it was time to open a place for himself. With Mortimer, he wanted to convey an important vision, taken from lessons of the great chefs he worked for. He wanted to bring quality to the center of Amsterdam and never make concessions on that quality.
That is why Mortimer works with the best organic suppliers. Because the key to success is to let the best ingredients speak for themselves. With these ingredients they create unique and creative versions of breakfast and lunch classics at Mortimer.

Coffee has conquered a piece of Robbert's heart and not just for staying awake during the day. In his search for quality behind every product within his concept, he discovered the world behind coffee. Here too he strives for the best for his guest, who can be basic coffee lover, but can also be adventures.
This is where the match came together between Mortimer and Sprout. We support Mortimer in their request to remain accessible, but also to introduce the world to what coffee has to offer.

Meanwhile, Mortimer is a proud ambassador of Sprout Coffee Roasters, and they carry out our joint mission; share knowledge, raise the bar, and deliver accessible but high-quality coffee. We recommend visiting Mortimer where you can not only enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch, but also a tasty coffee that you can drink inside, if there is no a long line, otherwise you can always grab one for take away.

Nieuwezijds Kolk 33, 1012 PV
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