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Café Fortin

Café Fortin

Tucked away in a small street behind the Markt in ’s-Hertogenbosch, you find Fortin. As you walk past, the big window will give you a preview of what’s inside.  Step inside this cafe with a minimalistic vibe and get greeted by young owners Jettie & Lars who also happen to be a couple.  

As you sit down, Jettie or Lars will welcome you with a bottle of water and take your order. Real southern hospitality you can call it.  

On the brew bar, you’ll find world class maschinery for their various filter options. They always offer an espresso special which happens to be Sprout quite often. They also like to explore coffee scenes in European cities, so you’ll find some bags from European roasters on their retailshelf every now and then.  

Order a milky and be amazed by the beautiful latte-art. Lately they have been into practising sea-horses. They also offer tasting notes and brew recepies with your order, to invite their guests to learn more about the coffee they drink.

Café Fortin
Ridderstraat 6, 5211 KA
Sunday + Monday 11- 17:30
Tuesday till Friday 8:30 – 17:30
Saturday 9-17:00
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