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Drifter Store

Drifter Store

You would not expect to find such good coffee in a clothing store, but on the corner of the Gierstraat and the botermarkt, you’ll find Drifter Store. In 2017 Milan opened up Drifter Store to deliver incredible service and goods to all locals in Haarlem and beyond. As you stroll through the shop and look through the clothing racks, Milan will offer you a tasty specialty coffee. He serves our coffee in a cup designed by HAY, a Danish brand. Right now he serves a coffee from Guatemala with notes of cashew, abricot and lemon but as the fashion items change, so does the coffee every now and then. ‘’Just like a wave that they drift upon. ‘’ Milan would say.

Next to clothes from different brands, you can also find shoes, candles, bags and tableware. If Milan himself is not working (it almost never happens, but he might be taking his dog noodle out for a walk or catching some waves), you might see his super friendly cousin or one of his lovely shop assistents who have a great eye for style. Often when I visit Drifter Store to see if everything is okay with the coffee, I can’t leave the shop without a new item… It’s just all so nice.

 Recently Milan expanded his shop and took over the space right next to Drifter Store, where you can visit the third HAY brandstore of the Netherlands.


Drifter Store
Gierstraat 2, 2011 GD
Tuesday till saturday 10-18:00
Sunday + monday 12-18:00
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