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Mi Casa Su Casa

Mi Casa Su Casa

One day I was at Kaffeetaria in Utrecht where I saw a book on the coffeetable. The book was about this lovely looking café in Baarn. I jumped on the train the following week to find out if this place was as good as it looked in the book… and ooohhh yes it was! 

Since 2014 this is the favorite hangout spot of the Baarn locals. Hans has build a loyal base of regular customers that is so big that he could fill a book with it (not kidding, this is the book I was talking about). And I totally get it, this café could easily become your second living room. As you enter Mi Casa, you are greeted from the big bar that is right in the middle of the cafe. Around the bar they have created multiple cosy spots and little corners where you can chose to sit at. As you sit down and listen to the hustle bustle of the guests, the grinding of the coffee beans and the relaxing music on the background, you probably decide you want to stay for a while. Some guests are working behind their laptop or reading a book, while some are catching up with friends. There is a lot of boardgames in the back of the café too, if you like to play a game.

This place triggers you to engage with the things surrounding you, feel the warmth and taste your coffee. About the coffee, he changes his Sprout beans from time to time. Sometimes it’s a bean from Tanzania, smooth and fudgy with apple and orange but it could also be a Brasil with more choc/nuts or a fruity Ethiopian.I heard they do great chai too. Treat yourself with the home-made sweets like oat-cookies, shortbread, applepie or vegan choc/date balls. Or if you’re more craving something savoury, there is lunch too.  And just….unwind.

Hans does not think you need sugar, but there is always people who are stubborn. So, looking for sugar? Well, there is only one jar to share among the guests. Why? Because Hans believes that asking for sugar sometimes leads to unexpected conversations.

I tell you this, if only there were more places like this, we’d all be better off.

Mi Casa Su Casa
Nieuw Baarnstraat 39, 3743 BP
Tuesday till Saturday 08:30-17:00
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