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Serve Sprout!

Sprout strives to be a true and reliable coffee partner
that not only delivers consistent, accessible, and highquality coffee.
We also want to impact the people in coffee positively
by building partnerships and creating a community
where everyone can share their knowledge and grow

The best that suits you

Freshly roasted coffee from an old gas factory in Eindhoven! We carefully roast the coffee that suits you best: accessible or complex, entry-level, or expert, our lineup has it all. Where quality and consistency come first.

We're there from day one

Not sure what equipment you want to buy? Does the layout of your bar still need to be made or have you outgrown the current one? Not sure yet what should be on your menu and/or at what price? We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with all the above and more. Let's get around the table.

Service and support

In addition to delivering the coffee, it is important that the equipment involved in this works properly. We offer preventive maintenance but will also always look for a solution if this is urgently needed. In addition, we also teach you the tricks of the trade.

We make you the expert

Coffee is a rapidly and constantly developing product. We at Sprout are still learning every day and we are happy to share that knowledge. By providing training and education to your staff, we ensure consistent quality together. These training courses are delivered both on location and in our roastery. LET'S GROW TOGETHER!

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